The idea for a coalition on Eating Disorders here in Arkansas officially began in the winter of 2010 when several treatment providers had dinner together as a networking opportunity.  We ended up discussing the gaps in care in our state and the stress we each felt due to the lack of cohesiveness among providers.  We realized how ostracized we each felt as practitioners and wondered how we could unite to build a stronger foundation of support for each other.  We also realized we need case consultation at times, and we definitely need a strong network of physicians and treatment providers who feel confident about treating patients with disordered eating.  Recognizing that prevention and early recognition are key, we brainstormed ideas to educate other medical professionals by offering continuing education, creating fundraisers to raise the public’s awareness on prevention and ED recovery, and ways to educate communities and loved ones. As Arkansas is a rural state, the treatment options have previously been spread out and un-regulated.  We want our state to be a leader in the quality of care that clients receive.


Fouding Members

Maria Portilla, MD
Leslie Riley, PsyD
Kristin Agar, LCSW
Anna Jolliff
Brittany Smith, LCSW
Beverly Webb, LCSW
Cristina Shaw, LCSW, PhD
Kellie Dye, RD,LD
Jessica Moore, MD